The Company

Realty Kingdom & Services International (RKSI) is a full service real estate limited liability company formed in November 2010 according to Omani relevant laws and regulations. As a licensed real estate Agent, Appraiser, and Adviser (RKSI) is specializing in Property Management, Brokerage, Valuation and Investment Advisory. The key founders of (RKSI) intend to introduce the first modern Omani real estate services firm which successfully combines between the Omani business traditions and the internationally well-known professional and ethical standardsof realty’s services practices.


During the past 7 years (RKSI)internally develops smart business solutions, accumulates in-depth knowledge and gains the experiences that needed to realize and analyze the drivers and trends of the local, regional and international real estate markets and economies. All these aspects and factors ensure us the most adequate work infrastructure that makes(RKSI) the right choice for our customers as a competent real estate Agent, Appraiser and Advisor who is capable enough to provide a wide range of realty’s services above and beyond the local market standards.


(RKSI) alwaysfocuses on maximizing profits and reducing the risk for all property owners and investors on one hand and providing high quality real estate services to other stakeholders i.e. tenants, financial institutions …etc. on the other hand. Our clear message -to all those who may seek (RKSI) services- simply is “we will go all the way together to achieve your all intended goals inshort and long terms”.